Certificate Reinstatement at Part 142 Training Center Requires Specific Program

FAAIn a recent legal opinion, the FAA determined that the practical test component of reinstatement of an expired flight instructor certificate cannot be accomplished using a flight simulator at a part 142 training center, unless that training center has an approved program for instructor training or certificate reinstatement.  For purposes of reinstatement of an expired certificate, the FAA requires that the flight instructor practical test be done in accordance with § 61.183(h) and the flight instructor must complete the practical test specified under that section.  If reinstatement is attempted using a simulator at a part 142 training center, the instructor must be enrolled in an approved course of training specific to instructor certification or reinstatement in order for such training to be conducted in a simulator.  The FAA specifically rejected a proposed interpretation that would have permitted the expired instructor to reinstate his certificate using “any course” at the training center.